Time-based functions not working

For the last few weeks, my time-based functions have not been working.

Examples of things that used to work and no longer do:

  • Set thermostat to energy-efficient setting X minutes after Away mode kicks in
  • Wifi presence shows 'not present' 5 minutes after IP address isn't active
  • Thermostat turns off 5 minutes after patio door is open
  • Weather won't update (5-minute refresh)
  • Lights on sunset won't turn on
  • Garage door alerts every 5 mins that the door has been left over
  • Garage door automatically shuts 15 mins after being left open

...and so on. If they never worked, that would be one thing, but all of these have worked for years.

I can perform all of these functions manually. Weather updates, when manually refreshed, for example.

Some are Notification app, some Rule Machine, some Legacy Rule Machine.

I've rebooted so many times.

C-7, v2.3.2.141

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To rule out database corruption as a possibility (and because it should be harmless as long as you don't reset anything manually beyond a soft reset), I might try a soft reset and restore, after downloading a backup, as mentioned here: How to Troubleshoot Apps or Devices - Hubitat Documentation.

For the sun-based automations, you may also want to make sure your time zone and location (latitude/longitude) are correct in Settings > Hub Details, though it sounds like it's not just that.

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Thanks. I'll give that a go.

I did check location, and everything seems to be right there. Not that I've changed it in years.

As a test, I created simple rules to send a message at sunrise, sunset, and 11 pm. No dice.

Will try the soft reset.

And that worked like a charm. I guess now I will try to get other things that stopped working to function again (like the Thermostat Controller.)


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