Tilt Sensor for Garage Door

Had garage door with GoControl (zwave) including their tilt sensor and worked good with my Hubitat. Installed new garage door & opener with MyQ (package deal). Since the MyQ opener does not have a tilt sensor, I kept the GoControl plugged in and attached the old GoControl tilt sensor to the door. Everything is working fine, but I am tying up a complete GoControl system for just the tilt sensor function. I tried unplugging the GoControl but the tilt sensor gets it's functionality through the Go Control box. SO, if I purchase an Ecolink tilt sensor, for example, can I eliminate the entire GoControl piece? Will that solve the issue? Thanks in advance.

It will eliminate the GoControl piece. Alternatively, you can still control your MyQ GDO using the GoControl and remain cloud-independent!

Note that using the GoControl will not remove the ability to also control it via the MyQ app.

Also, before I forget, to control a newer Security+ 2.0 MyQ unit with the GoControl, you will need an adapter like this one:


Thanks for your info. Ecolink tilt sensor installed, GoControl tilt sensor (and main control module) eliminated. All is well.

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