Tiles with auto-excluding switches

I set for my thermostat a set of tiles to switch from different modes: Heat / Cool and Off
Same for my fan: Auto / ON and Timer
I defined for them switches and created some rules to exclude 2 others when 1 is selected.
if I switch Heat ON, it obvioulsy switches Cool OFF and Off OFF
Same for my fan.
The advantage with switches is that the state of them if visible (color changed)

However, If I switch OFF the "heat switch", none are visible because all are now OFF !
How can I bypass this ? Because one of those switches (Heat/Cool/Off) should obligatory be ON.

The idea behind this is to provide (WAF) a clean phone dashboard for the thermostat with big icons and no mistake possible.

You could use a rule to update the other switches.

Yes, that's what I did. The rule makes that if I run a switch (ON), it closes the others.

But if I shut OFF the remaining one, which rule can be applied ? Aka, which switch should be ON ? The latest ? The heating one (if the system was heating, but what if the system is idle) ?
A little bit confused here, no real ideas

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