Tiles showing current hub variable values do not update on cloud dashboard

I have a special dashboard which I have created for the purposes of displaying all current hub variable values among many other things for the sake of helping with debugging automations I've created. I have noticed that hub variables never update on the cloud dashboard. Seems pretty much everything else does, except hub variable tiles. I've applied a hub variable tile to many of my other dashboards as a test to see if maybe just this particular dashboard was broken, but behavior is the same on all dashboards when viewing remotely.

@moncho1138, I just tested this with a string hub variable and can confirm that the value doesn’t update when on cloud dashboard.

Not seeing anything in the logs.

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Even if you refresh the page? I know that I have two of my pages with Global string variables - that I always run remotely, and they run Ok for me. Sometimes it requires a screen refresh. I'm using Chrome if that makes any difference.

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Just tested this with a Boolean and saw the same. Even reloading the Dashboard page didn't help. Settings > Hub Variables had the correct values. Didn't test every type, so it's possible it's different between others, but at least these two seem to be affected.

Assuming you mean "global" literally, we're talking about different things, then--that was a Rule 4.x (now Rule Machine Legacy) feature, where you must be using a Connector to get them on the Dashboard.


If I refresh the page, they change to the correct values. But if I connect and maintain an active connection, all other tiles refresh their values based on the timings set in the dashboard settings except Hub Variable tiles.

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I use integer variables and boolean. Neither update on remote dashboards unless manually refreshed.

Sorry about the terminology. As a webCoRE user since my days with SmartThings, I'm used to using Global Variables across several 'pistons'. Even with Hubitat, there are Hub variables that once set up with connectors, can be used as Global variables in webCoRE AND be used on Hubitat Dashboards. All this to say I'm using two Hubitat Hub variables (both strings) for use and calculated in webCoRE and displayed on two dashboards. Those Hub variables on my dashboards are the ones I was talking about. The hub variables are kept periodically updated whenever the dashboards are refreshed by a Chrome extension. BTW, I only use remote dashboards.

With the above setup, I haven't seen a sync issue for the Hubitat Hub Variables. I know that others are, so that's interesting.

My variable tiles only update when the page is manually refreshed. All other tiles update periodically based on the cloud dashboard timings that are set for each dashboard in its settings. If everything else can update every few seconds like it's supposed to, I assume Hub Variable tiles would too...

You don't need connectors for either of these uses, and I wouldn't recommend throwing one into the mix unless you have a need (e.g., an app that can't use a variable directly; these apps both can, though I believe it was relatively recent for webCoRE and not immediately after their introduction for even many stock apps).

If you are using connectors, that likely explains your differences (they are devices and use the longstanding event generation mechanisms that any app should be able to handle easily).

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Can confirm. Also, when phone is on wifi only, tile gets updated.


Due to your comments, I went back to check if, when I created the Hub Variables, I also created Connectors. As it turns out, I did not and I was in error when I mentioned them in my earlier post.

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