Tiles for Hubitat Hub Health and Telemetry

Any chance we can get some Dashboard Tiles that display Hub Health, Telemetry data (CPU/Memory/Network), Alerts, etc?

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Till we get this tile (or not), have you looked at TileBuilder app to get all the relevant data in one tile?

I have not and that's for the recommendation. I will check it out.

You can easily make alerts tiles possible by creating a new "mobile app device" device, then create a tile that displays the messages attribute. Then any notification messages sent to that device will show up on that attribute tile. I use this for various things like "door open/closed" status alerts and things like that.

That driver is really intended to be used only for the device created by the Hubitat mobile app. I wouldn't use it "manually," and if all you want is a sort of notification text, a virtual driver meant for that will do a better job. And even a regular mobile app device device (I think that's the grammatical way to say this?) won't do anything on its own, only what you send to it as notifications.

Another approach: the Hub Information Driver seems like it can do some of this, either with attribute tiles or a custom solution meant for conglomerating more information into one tile. (It is, of course, custom code, but I'm not aware of any built-in way for all of this.)


This is what @amithalp is referring to. This uses Tile Builder Multi Attribute Monitor

You can do something similar using Tile Builder Rooms for a more graphical layout.

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Not to mention that the Hub Information Driver v3 actually uses a text template that is editable to allow customization of the HTML attribute that is used with the standard attribute template.