Tile Icon for "contact"


Patrick, is it possible to modify the Icon for a "contact" to have an open and closed graphic? I know the colors can be changed but the graphic is so slight I though a change in shape would be more recognizable.


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Dashboard is undergoing a major update. The new contact tile will have icons that will clearly indicate open and closed.

Adding or selecting custom icons is on the feature list as well.


This is something I'm wondering in general. I have a hard time telling the difference between the two states for things like switches, motion sensors, and contact sensors. I am colorblind but (I think) not that bad, and changing the colors helps a little, but a little more of a drastic change (maybe adding more of a shadow/glow for active-type state icons and/or also changing that color?) might help. If everything is on or off (or active, inactive, closed, etc.), it's very hard to tell right now without another tile to compare it to.

EDIT: I see a major update is in the works. Yay!


Sounds good, thanks for the update.

Right now I am swapping both the icon color and the background color for my contact.
Pretty easy to see but you have to remember which state is which.

I had the exact same thoughts using the "Contact" template and then someone put me onto trying to use the "Multi" template so the same tile can display battery level and temp. Been using that ever since.
Very interesting to know a major update is in the works. :slight_smile:

Also, if you just want "Open" or "Closed" you can use the Attribute tile template for clear viewing of the state.

That sound good, I'l try it.