Tile - Button how to change color when mouse if over

Hi to all

I am looking for a way that when you put the mouse over or touch a Button tile on the dashboard to change color while doing so.

Then if the botton is push assign a color to it so it would stand out as active. I have been looking around all over the place trying to find the eventListener where this happens but in reality I would think this should be a fairly easy thing.

I don't understand why as part of the dashboard template states this is not part of the categories and also functions involved in the rule machine app.

It would allow huge functionality to the dashboards. I know there probably is a rudimentary way to accomplish this and I am trying to figure this out, but overall, I am not that involved in coding to step through all this.

If anyone has ideas, please pass them on,

many thanks in advance.

Could try adding something like

.tile:hover{background-color: orange}

In the custom CSS tab for the dashboard
(Canโ€™t test as Iโ€™m on the road, but should be close.)

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