Three axis values


I have a Samsung multi sensor with three axis sensor on it. It's attached to my pool Ladder so that I know when the ladder is up (pool closed) or down (pool open).

I can't figure out how to access the sensor values from rule machine. I need to look for the state of z in particular ... And see if it's greater than or less than a value.



This app should provide what you need. [RELEASE] WATO - When any Attribute Then this cmd Otherwise that cmd


I don't think WATO has range monitoring.
(If X Axis is between 0 and 90).
I was trying to use it for some color translation to RF commands and didn't see the option.

I suggested it to @bangali so maybe he's incorporated by now.
I didn't see any updates though.
At any rate my specific need for it has passed so I stopped paying attention to it for now.


I'm not sure what you were referring to on "range monitoring" but the OP wanted the ability to know if the axis value is greater than value, which you should be able to do....I have one of these sensors he's using although I'm not using the axis attribute so can't verify it works completely though.


Thank you for the assistance! It looks like this app might work ... though it is unclear how the three values would be compared with the single value you define. I may have to make a few "improvements" to the app ... unless someone has an idea ...

I hope that they incorporate 3axis as a normal sensor type into the rule app soon ... as that could possibly make this problem go away for me ...



You set the single value for all 3 axis values (I would assume) if that doesn't work @bangali can probably assist, and the comparison is under the "operator" part of the screenshot as you can select greater than/less than/etc which is what triggers the rule to fire. Although something to point out I think the "type" should probably use the decimal selection instead of number.

I agree I hope Rule 3.5 has attributes included into it, until then this seems to be a good work around for them. I use it for adjusting my lighting/fan speeds based upon my weather stations solar radiation value.


I'm actually rewriting part of WATO to handle ThreeAxis ... since you have to extract the data and compare it within an object instead of as a single value. So I modified it to have support for "ThreeAxis" and added three new types: AxisX, AxisY, AxisZ. I'm still working at debugging it to get it so that it works properly with my sensors ... I'll update this thread when I have more details and (hopefully) success ...



Rule Machine now has Custom Attribute available. That should allow you to get what you want from the sensor.


I was just about to post this for can select the attribute but it doesn't really allow you to specify anything with the three axis you wish to use with it


Yeah, you're right. threeAxis is a map, and RM is not handling map attributes.


Coming soon:

There will be one limitation for this however: If using changed, increased, or decreased, only a single axis can be used in that rule. It won't keep track of all three values, just one.


I can't seem to be able to enter a negative value for y in RM 4.0

Example - I can't enter this in to rule machine 29%20PM

My use case is a mood cube for hue lighting that I've been using for years in ST. I can't seem to find a HE mood cube app so I'm trying RM. anyone with thoughts?


I'll investigate.

Problem found, corrected. Will be fixed in next release.


Wow thanks!