[Thoughts] Loggy and Maker API HTTP POST

I'm looking for thoughts on using an online (cloud based) logging service with Hubitat. Currently, I do everything on my local network, which honestly is my preference for everything. But, I have been using Loggly for work and thought it would be interesting to get my HE log data there as well for both an online backup of logs and also a nifty way to quickly troubleshoot an issue if I'm not at home. As I use Loggly for work and pouring over their privacy documentation and such, I do find them to be trustworthy.

I've been pushing data into a free instance of Loggly for the better part of a week now using the Maker API and most of my devices exposed. The free instance of Loggly allows for 7 day retention and 200mb input daily. I do like their search interface (very clean) and finding all the events for a given device is extremely simple. Drilling down from there is also pretty easy.

With ALL my devices, I've yet to even hit 10mb in a single day:

Anyhow, I'm looking for thoughts and opinons about using a cloud service (in tandem with my own local logging strategies). Any other ones that I should try? Has anyone else played around with something like this?

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