Those who have paid for Remote Admin may want to check that it is active

Just a heads up - I have noticed a few posts about Remote Admin NOT being active on folks accounts, so I thought I would check on mine. Seems that mine is NOT setup, as well. So you might want to check your account and let support know if it is NOT setup.

I have sent a support request off, so please give @bobbyD time to fix mine before you bombard him with your requests! :grinning:


Oh wow, the only time when this might happen, is if you sign up for the bundle, while the monthly Remote Admin is already active. When the monthly service is later canceled, it disables the access to the Remote Admin that came with the bundle.

This issue was already fixed back in March, for new subscribers. However, we were unable to apply the fix retroactively. So any user before March, who had an active monthly remote admin prior to subscribing to the bundle, and that was later cancelled, may run into this problem. Looks like that is your case. You should be able to use the service now (may need to reboot the hub from Settings to re-activate the service for your hub).

That explains my situation exactly! Thanks for the quick fix, after a reboot and a re-launch of the mobile app, everything is as it should be - nice!

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