This Zigbee I/O with 4 Inputs looks great

Unfortunately, I can't find one. Is there an alternative? Would like 4 Inputs - don't care about relays. Would settle for Z-Wave. I believe the Zen's have 2 inputs, are a bit costly, and have a bunch of un-needed functionality for my purpose.

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Will this do ya?

No, I have one of those - works great, but this post is for Inputs, not relays. Thanks though.

Maybe contact them directly regarding sales channels?

Another option - albeit not as neatly packaged - might be:


I have an inside contact at Develco and asked them specifically about getting a sample of this product, which they said they would send when it was available.
For anyone interested i would poke that info email and see if we can get them going on this device...


I sent them an inquiry but they never responded.

Any use ? Looks the same and is in stock.

They don't ship to the US.