This started with C8 upgrade. Any ideas as to the cause?

Looks like a call to MakerAPI. Possibly from NodeRed? Just need to give it the new app number and auth. is ComCast if it helps..

MakerAPI is not installed. I don't use NodeRed.

After taking a closer look it could be a call to dashboard, cloud link looks like:[Hub Id]/apps/[App Id]/dashboard/[App ID again??]?access_token=[Token Value]&local=false

Do you have a website or something hosted on ComCast?

Thanks - you got me experimenting further. I don't have websites having to do with the hub - mine is a pretty straightforward system. Here's what I've narrowed it down to - and it doesn't make any sense. If I use Safari on my iPhone to access my hub (just using its local IP address), everything seems to work and my log is NOT filling up with those errors. OK. But if I make a shortcut/bookmark of that on my phone's home screen and access the hub from that bookmark, it starts with the errors. It didn't used to do that as that's how I've accessed my hub for about a year. It doesn't make sense to me. Make sense to you?

Actually yes. There are a couple of others on here that mentioned that they had to delete and recreate their iPhone ShortCuts after migration.

I'm not calling the dashboard properly... I'm pretty sure that's it - sorry.

Nothing to be sorry about, if you haven't seen it before it's not easy to track it down.

I just recreated it the shortcut - and I'm just calling the local dashboard using my local IP and authorization code using the local link provided by the dashboard app - but it still is logging "cloud request" errors. I'm still confused... I'm not using a cloud dashboard.