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Trying to connect a new hubitat C-7. When clicking on the Found a new hub icon, I'm getting redirected to a web page with the IP address and an error message: This site can't be reached. Refused to connect.

Would appreciate any help.

Sounds like the hub IP may have changed. Easiest way may be to check your router’s list of attached devices and see what the current IP is.

I am seeing the IP address of the hub under in the list of connected devices on the network. It's matching the address on the portal page.

So a couple of questions:

  1. What color is the hub LED?
  2. If green what happens when you type the hub’s IP into your browser?
  3. If green and #2 doesn’t work what happens when you type the IP address with :8081 after it, i.e.

Probably not the same thing but I just added my new C7 hub and it did that. In my case, I had to turn off the built in VPN in my router. Once I did that it connected and after setup I was able to turn it back on.

Finally got it working. I typed 8081 after the IP address and it took me to the diagnostic page where I clicked on something like Update to the latest version and Reboot Hub. Dunno which one helped, but I was able to register my hub after,

Thank you, guys, for your help.

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