This looks interesting!

These look very nice, although I cant find out much about how they work. And just a little bit pricey. Hopefully they will launch though.


Interesting device. Little pricey but slick looking and suppose to be easy to setup.

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Wonder how easy it would be to "program" it, and have it use Maker :stuck_out_tongue:

A little pricey for a 'tablet on the wall with custom UI', but not as bad as I was expecting actually. I guess the customisation is fairly limited given they can't rely on custom Smart Home products like Hubitat, just hue/Sonos....

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Some people are dubious as to whether it's real or vapourware.

I've asked over at Sonos too but got no reply

I hope it's real, Since Sonos discontinued their controller there's been nothing on the market like it. There is a rumour that Amazon will be releasing some sort or wall mounted screen this year though.

There is a video in the 1st link above now, looks fairly basic for Sonos control.

I wouldn't say it's pricey at all though. Compare it to the similar Brilliant Controller, US $299 +, it's cheap. The old Sonos Controller was ~£200 new. One of the new fancy Hue 3rd party switches are ~£80. I wish is was battery operated on a little charging stand like the Sonos Controller was though, I miss that :frowning:

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Couldn't we rig up something with a wink relay and a couple apps?
I know people have wink relay working in HE

Yeah, I love the look of the relay. I had 5 of them back in the wink and ST days.
Unfortunately with 1gb of RAM and a dual core SOC doesn't get you very far.

I heard Amazon is coming out with a wall mount display.

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I asked them on facebook about the Sonos control. Unfortunately it's quite basic, no ability to search for tracks, just play/pause/back/forward/volume.

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Download the Hubitat app