This is what Mike Maxwell Suggested (For Canadians too, but at a cost premium of course!)

Unfortunately, for us, in Canada, we always pay more!
Read it and weep!



:rofl: Nah man, that's just from the local bandit. You can import it from for $80 CAD


"...local bandit..."
Is that what you call

P.S. I went on to the rgbgenie site itself, and used the hubitat code, and got it MUCH cheaper!

That's what I call private sellers on that try to take advantage of people!



go to, order from there and use the discount code...
i think the code is good until end of this month

Unfortunately they only ship to US and UK destinations :man_shrugging:

@Gnant ?

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Happy to ship to our brethren up North. Just email me at and we can send you a paypal invoice.

Edit: We will expand our free shipping policy to Canada for this sale as well.


That would cost us aussies $90!!!

Would love to pay $45

That is actually a rebranded Dimmer I believe that it is Sunricher who manufactures them. They sell them both with their own brand, OEM or rebranded if you make a deal with them.

Speaking of RGBGenie, has anyone had any experiences with their remotes? Specifically this one, Zigbee Remote

I'd be curious how these stack up to Pico remotes and of they are completely compatible with Hubitat?

this device is compatible, and it does not suffer the "needs two button presses when it's been sleeping for a while" issues that some zigbee button controllers can have.

Great to know Mike, and now seeing that they will in fact ship to Canada, I think I have a contender for my Pico remotes (which are great, but are a little slow when activating Lutron related scenes).

I have a number of clients that want to keep their existing switches (usually some form of Decora style), but want to make those switches "smart".
That's why I ordered their "micro controller".
I want to test out and see:

  1. how easy they are to install (i.e. does it really fit into any box?)
  2. what's the reception like? (I ordered their zigbee version, but they have zwave plus) i.e. is the signal blocked because of the switch, the box, etc.
  3. what's the pricing like? can it be significantly less than the replacement switch?
  4. how does it work in Hubitat? As if it was it's own switch? What if it falls off the mesh, how do I reset it?

... to be answered in due course... (stay tuned right here...)

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I live in China and I've tried to talk with them, their normal minimum order volume is 1000 units... They're clearly not selling directly to consumers. I could do 200-300 and split with a few friends... but 1000? Not unless I intended to open up an IoT business, which I'm not... I'm also not convinces this is the route I want to go, I like WiFi devices... Though these Zigbee do look VERY nice...

I suppose I should have said that as a company you can make a deal for rebranding or as a reseller you can buy directly from them with original Sunricher branding. That is why we can see them on Alibaba or even here in Sweden for less then what you pay for a RGB Genie rebranded one (yay something is actually cheaper here compared to US :slightly_smiling_face:)

I do have a couple of the Sunricher Dimmers and they work well perhaps the only issue is the size compared to other brand as we have really small junction boxes and the fitting is a tetris master level job!

I did contact them as a business, otherwise I wouldn't even get that much of a reply. Where on Alibaba? I'll find it, but there are no resellers within China for the Chinese market, at least not from what I can find and this is also what Sunricher told me.
Where can you pick them up cheaper in Sweden? I'll be sure to get some when I visit there next time...

@markus PM me. On our next order, I can have them drop in the post some items for you. No need to wait for a trip to Sweden.

Thank you @Gnant, I'll PM you, at the moment nothing that is not food (barely even that if it isn't within the city) can be shipped to Shanghai or most parts of the country, I'd have to wait for that to clear up first.