This could be a good deal on two zigbee 3.0 RGBW bulbs and a zigbee 3.0 outlet

Are these any good, the Sengleds? They are not listed on the compatibility chart.

Yes they are very good but a bit pricey nowadays. They are listed ("Sengled") in the compatibility list so all good!

Their claim to fame is they do not repeat which is a very good thing for devices that can easily be switched off.

I'm having a snoop of them now thanks. The deal breaker for me is no WIFI bulbs. My house is not a Chyna calls home friendly space.

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Mine either! Although not sure I trust Amazon, Google or Apple all that much either.. which is why Hubitat of course.. :wink:

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I hear you. Funny how growing up our parents used to talk about the government bugging phones being illegal. Now most people welcome the listening devices in their homes.

The funniest thing I saw recently was a coffee pod machine controlled by Alexa. You still had to fill it with water, empty and load pods and put your cup under it. But it saved you the hassle of pressing a button!!! Madness.

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OK, so back on topic, I'm going to buy some Innr bulbs and try another bunch of non-brand bulbs.

I forgot how expensive they are.

I think Innr makes some good stuff. Dunno about their bulbs though. Also make sure you aren't turning off the bulbs from the switch if you can help it.

While Zigbee seems very good about rerouting connecting and disconnecting can cause additional traffic. Also the bulbs might either be slow to respond when turned back on initially or drop off the mesh occasionally due to lack of communication with the hub.

@erktrek I am aiming at mostly running the lamps as dumbed always switched on, with the bulbs controlled via the Hubitat wonder machine.

The more I use it, the more I see you can literally do anything with it.

I just about to buy 6 x Innr E14 RGBW & 2 x Ledvance Smart+ E14 White. Looking at few more options. I run an Architects office, so I have a "budget" for new tech tryouts for future projects.

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I would consider the Sengleds then - you can get them cheaper via bulk discount. I just bought some to replace the Liokke cheapo ones. Also after pairing set up a group and use Zigbee Group Messaging.. this will reduce/eliminate popcorning.

edit: Oops sorry misread - you were looking at E14s

Yes, E14 is a particularly Irish thing in lamps.

Any links to the Sengleds? Trying to cut back on Bezo' retirement fund as much as I can. I found a lot of great stuff on, which appears to be a German shop.

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So I originally posted the A19 from the US site.. this is what I just bought to replace the failing cheap ones...

So I bought innr (RGBW), Philips hue (RGBW , white & Ambience), Muller-licht (RGBW), LEDvance Smart + white.

Will see how they each behave.

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It used to be that the Philips hue bulbs work better with the Hue hub.. not sure if that is still the case. If you do have a Hue hub you could pair all those bulbs and connect to the HE via the Hue Bridge app. The reason to do this would be to take advantage of the strengths of both hubs.. Hue Lights management and HE system flexibility.

Side Note: I have all my Zigbee devices on an older C-5 hub and my Z-Wave devices on a C-7. The device separation works well. I also am using a companion server running Node-RED and Homebridge (for the Apple interface).

@erktrek I will keep that in mind thanks.

I want to run everything off Zigbee, no experience of knowledge of Zwave.

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Be careful when ordering the Sengleds. I accidentally ordered a box of the WiFi bulbs. :frowning:


The microwave is a bit WTF because you still have to put the food into the microwave. And how hard is it to push 1>0>0 or the add a minute button???

The soap dispenser seems a bit odd, maybe in a kitchen it would be OK. I am not bothered with using a manual dispenser. "But what if your hands are all goopy from chicken"? I would say for those few times I would push the dispenser with the back of my hand or elbow. And you still have to turn on the water, unless you also automate that.

But in a bathroom do you really want to be shouting "Alexa" in the middle of the night to wash your hands? Again, how hard is it to push the dispenser or pick up a bar of soap? I can have my hands washed by the time you tell Alexa the commands and actually get soap.

You can see it in a few year...

"Comrade, Alexa has noticed you washed your hands twice this week. Greta is upset that you used 1.75423895 Litres of recycled urine to wash your hands. You have been deducted 500 happy points. You can challenge this suggestion, but you will be deducted 1000 happy points when you are wrong. All thanks be to the WEF."


Back on point.

Would I be correct in saying that the generic Chyna crap has the same functionality as the expensive Hue / Innr bulbs, i.e in Event Engine, there is no transition time between fades / colours, just pow red, pow green etc?

Possibly but as I found out the internal circuitry might leave something to be desired. The bulbs I bought were called Liokke (EWeLink) and I got them for like $4 a piece.. they lasted about 6 months before failing.. 7 out of 8 of them. Linkind and Innr might be decent though they seem well reviewed (but not mentioned below).

FWIW: I took the plunge and got the 2 bulbs and smart plug bundle.

Using the "Generic ZigBee RGBW Light" driver for the ZB-CL01 bulbs and things seem to be working out ok. The color picker does not seem to work, but setting the H, S, L values manually seems to work. Setting the color temperature also seems to work.

Using the "Advanced ZigBee RGBW Bulb" driver for the bulbs, all the features seem to be working (including "flash") but the color picker seems to be a bit slow to respond.

Thanks for all the help on this thread.