This could be a good deal on two zigbee 3.0 RGBW bulbs and a zigbee 3.0 outlet

wow missed this post entirely - thanks the review. Good to have some good low cost alternatives to Sengled (I still like Sengled!).

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I'm just getting my Hubitat online and thought this would be a good starter set. However, I'm curious if anyone has this bulb working? Using an Advanced Zigbee RGBW setting, I can turn on the bulb and change color, but not the temperature and can not turn off the bulb. the Generic Zigbee RGBW is doing nothing.

After you change drivers to “Generic Zigbee RGBW Light”, make sure that you click “Configure” on the device page.

Edit: As a general tip, it is always a good idea to click “Configure” after changing drivers.


These are under $25 now. So pretty good for a couple color bulbs and plug.

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Now i know why i had so many problems with some stuff before never did this.


@aaiyar I dunno if these are Zigbee 3.0 but seem like a good deal right now if they are..

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They are. Liokkie is another brand name that the eWeLink outlets and bulbs are sold under. And that is a good deal!


Do you like these bulbs as much as Sengled? Does power restore state work?

I just bought 2 packs of these for giggles so will report back how it works out!


Looking forward to it!

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Doesn’t the new zigbee driver have power restore state as well?

What driver are you referring to - the Advanced Zigbee driver? I do see that as a preference option dunno if it works on all devices though but maybe. That would be very cool.

I’m not sure that driver works with these bulbs. At least it didn’t with the ones I tested.

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There are several versions of the advanced driver. Did you try the Advanced Zigbee RGB Bulb driver? That seems like it would be the closest other than the basic one.

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I tried this one - "Advanced Zigbee RGBW Bulb". Didn't work right. OTOH, "Generic Zigbee RGBW Light" worked well.

Edit: FWIW, it paired as "Advanced Zigbee Bulb". I don't know if the fingerprint has been added to the Generic Zigbee RGBW Light driver ....

Are you sure it's RGBW not RGB? The details don't mention white level but I totally could have missed it.

Yup. The bulbs do have white (the description on Amazon is incorrect). It is 16 million colors RGB and 2700-6500K white.

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Yeah sorry I did totally miss it in the details..

  • ❥Living a Colorful Life --- Designed with over 16 million colors to choose, scenes DIY, schedule function and 800lm(2700k-6500k) warm white. Just switch to your desired light mode to suit your mood and adjust the brightness to meet your needs.

Wow for the price I can live with whatever driver... am very excited to check this out.

Thanks again for this thread (and many others) and your always excellent advice!

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That is a phenomenal price! Nice catch!! Plus - they are good repeaters.

your always excellent advice


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If I add these to my hue hub as not to crowd my Hubitat zigbee, would these bulbs work as repeaters for hue? I can just use coco hue to bring them into he?