This could be a good deal on two zigbee 3.0 RGBW bulbs and a zigbee 3.0 outlet

Wanted to report back @frmWink2Hubitat and @aaiyar - took delivery of these and swapped out a center office table light bulb - a Sengled "Classic". The new bulb seems a little brighter so that's nice.

Paired as an "Advanced Zigbee CT Bulb" but that did not work properly - trouble turning off, changed it to "Generic Zigbee RGBW Light" and it was okay. I did experience some initial weirdness after playing with color then setting back to soft white and adjusting the "Transition Time" from 1 sec to 500 ms - the light would turn off but immediately turn on again, hit save/configure maybe refresh and things started to work again - maybe it wasn't completely finished initializing or something and I was too impatient (bad combo!).

Also tested the restore state by leaving the bulb "on" and cutting the power. It returned to being back "on". Also did the same for "off" - that worked too. Even though there is no option available in the driver for restore state it seems to do this by default.

Will leave it hooked up to my office lights group and see how things function but so far so good... In terms of color seems fine maybe not as accurate as some would prefer but it works and for the cost that's pretty awesome.. also start/stop level work as expected.


I am glad that you also thought it was a little brighter than the Sengled! So did I. Except I wasn't sure that my eyes weren't playing tricks on me, and I didn't have a lux meter handy.

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Thank you, you wouldn’t own a hue hub to test it on would you?

I actually do but it's in a bin somewhere, .... mmmm let me see what I can do. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


:joy: , no worries, I ordered one and can test Tuesday. I was just being impatient




How’s power restore, thanks. I use HomeKit and find the hue bridge plugin faster than going he to homebridge

In my zeal to add it to the hub I forgot to test that aspect of course. Fired up the Hue Hub and paired the light again - tested in RGB and CT mode - seems to work fine. Restores to "ON" and "OFF" with proper color/temp. The bulb flashes "ON" briefly in either case.


Thx, this is a game changer


Let me know how it goes for you. I'm fairly confident you won't have any issues unless there is something really funky I missed with this quick testing and my inexperience with the Hue hub.

It seems to pair quickly and response is very fast...


Nicely done, @erktrek!


Finally did about 2 hours of testing with these guys, both on hue and Hubitat. Conclusion, they are about 60% of hue lights. You’re compromising quite a bit. Me personally, I only use these for closets or pantries

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At like 12% of the price! Any major issues you found? - My quick testing the color selection was a little wonky. The restore worked fine though.

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There not on sale anymore so like 30%

Here’s why I said that for ME.

The homebridge add on isn’t AS smooth as original HomeKit
Restore flashes
Colors aren’t as bight
“Flash” isn’t an option
The color picker wheel lags.

For me, if I’m buying some for a living space, I’d buy 3 hue for $99. $30 then one of these for $12

Edit: my dog acts a fool at noise, so I find myself using different color flashes as doorbell alerts, so changing a color then flashing then being the original color when turned back on is more wonky than with hue

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Just bought these and got these working thanks to the tips here.

Some functions still seem quirky though:

  • Cannot explicitly turn on and off. I need to set the level to zero instead
  • Cannot use the color feature in the dashboard. I need to set Hue, Saturation, Level independently in Device page.

Is that expected?

I just realised I both 5 of these little candle bulbs. They are a bit fiddly, I am still struggling to get automations working on two of them (Event Engine for colour random fades).

The other two are behaving quite well with Rule Machine, just setting colours / levels at specific Mode times. Only day two, bit of a learning curve, especially the bit about "compatible devices".

In my ignorance, I assumed all Zigbee 3 bulbs would have standard & interchangeable features.

Just be warned, they kinda work on the "Generic Zigbee RGBW Light" driver, but are far from seamless. But I did buy 5 of them for €50 on AliExpress!!!

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I purchased 8 of these bulbs - I guess from EWeLink at the end of last June.

Most of the bulbs I've deployed in that time have stopped working properly. 7 out of the 8 I've purchased have first started flickering then become dim then unresponsive. Looks like something with the CT as the color side seems to be bit better although my daughters lights (she likes red/magenta) have a slight flicker now as well. Am now replacing with Sengleds..

Looks like they might have been dumping a bad batch on Amazon I guess? Bulbs were super cheap so I definitely got what I paid for... :pensive:

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Are these any good, the Sengleds? They are not listed on the compatibility chart.

Yes they are very good but a bit pricey nowadays. They are listed ("Sengled") in the compatibility list so all good!

Their claim to fame is they do not repeat which is a very good thing for devices that can easily be switched off.

I'm having a snoop of them now thanks. The deal breaker for me is no WIFI bulbs. My house is not a Chyna calls home friendly space.

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