Thirdreality water sensor

Is there a driver for the Thirdreality water sensor?

There isn't that I know of - this is the first time I've seen this device mentioned here. If there's a SmartThings DTH, it may be possible to port it over to Hubitat.

Wow. Only 3 year battery w/2 AA batteries? That isn't very good for that much capacity!

Not bad looking though!

I haven't found one for ST. Considering this is a pretty inexpensive zigbee device with a built in siren... I would love to see a driver

THat's what I thought - but I'm thinking that the siren can be power hungry.

Maybe so! There's a few zwave 700 lewak sensors that have passed through certification, but none in stores yet. :frowning: Depending on other variable reporting (Temperature, etc), those should have very good battery life.

My homemade LoRa ones on a single 1/2AA battery are calculating out to last somewhere in the range of 3-5 years 2-3 years based on current/updated number. But who knows, they've only been running for a few months so far. Thinking of making a 2xAA version though. That would be handier than sourcing 1/2AA.

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Anyone try one yet, pretty good price for these things. If the Generic Zigbee moisture sensor works, it's a pretty good deal.

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It is $12.99 on Amazon right now - which is a very good price. I've ordered one, and will update this thread if it works with Hubitat. Expected to arrive on July 7th.

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I don’t see any seals. Good that it’s inexpensive. Might not survive a major flood.

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You're right - just looked at the other photos on Amazon. Bad design!

Just checked - it works with Hubitat. I wrote a brief review in this post: