ThirdReality ota file

As you said, you have updated the ota file of our sensor. motion sensor to v1.00.33, door sensor to v1.00.33, water leak sensor to v1.00.34.

But we have tested it and find some bugs. @mike.maxwell @bobbyD
My Hubitat Platform Version is, Hardware Version is Rev C-7. And there bugs still exist. Can you help to fix?

1. water leak sensor(model: 3RWS18BZ), after completing OTA, it becomes a door sensor.

Before OTA, below is the log of the water leak sensor


But when OTA complete, the water leak sensor becomes a door sensor, and the water function cannot be used normally.


2. door sensor(model: 3RDS17BZ), the latest ota version is still v1.00.31,


3. motion sensor(model: 3RMS16BZ), the latest ota version is still v1.00.31



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