ThirdReality Garage Door Tilt Sensor

@mike.maxwell, I just got the ThirdReality Garage Door Tilt Sensor today from Amazon that I ordered weeks ago that is supposed to be in 2.3.9, it paired as a Device instead of using the correct driver. Can you check if this fingerprint can be added?

This is on the release.

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It also appears the battery isn't reading correctly on this device, showing 200% for the battery level:

Does the 'contact' attribute change between open and closed when you flip the sensor by 90 degrees?

I misread the question when I was away from home earlier. For sideways doors it doesn't seem to work as well as an up and down door at least testing it out a limited basis. It's hard for me to say since it may depend on what kind of a door you are using though. For a Garage Door that goes up and down it seems to work perfectly so far.

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I received this today and it is reporting open and closed correctly, but is also reporting 200% battery.

C7 running

  • endpointId: 01
  • application: 0F
  • firmwareMT: 1407-D3B1-0000000F
  • manufacturer: Third Reality, Inc
  • model: 3RDTS01056Z
  • softwareBuild: 0000000F

Took a minute find out how to shut up the beep.

Any idea what these DIP switches marked LEVEL do?

I’m guessing they have something to do with the angle of the garage door.

Online user manual doesn’t explain them, but it does have a tutorial how to add it to HE and which driver to use.

That looks like the guts of the 3R vibration sensor -- those dip switches set its vibration sensitivity level. Doesn't seem like tilt functionality would need something like that, but who knows.

Does your device have a garage door picture/icon on it?


Just here to say "same" - I just got one of these garage door sensors hoping it would "just work" but it was detected as a "Third Reality Vibration Sensor" and I'm not seeing a Garage Door or Tilt sensor to change it to in the driver dropdown.

ThirdReality tilt sensor works in HE using the inbuilt Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor driver.