ThirdReality Blinds Pair, Then Stop Responding


I've hung four sets of ThirdReality smart blinds. They pair to Hubitat successfully, and they respond to commands in Hubitat (including a Dashboard) for a while. I also have the Alexa skill linked, and the blinds respond to commands from her as well for a while.

Then, within a few minutes, they stop responding. No commands work, and the situation never changes. And they don't stop at the same time. One may stop while the other one works for a few more minutes.

I've tried setting them up in Hubitat with the Generic Zigbee Shade driver, and with a community driver specifically for ThirdReality blinds.

The hub (C-7) is in a nearby room, about 40 feet away. I don't have any repeaters or anything, as I just set this up. (Not sure how important repeaters might be.)

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Yeah, these can be finicky... I've had problems with mine staying online ever since around the time the C8 came out, so I suspect there was a change around then to the HE firmware that's resulted in a rough go for these blinds.

I would definitely suggest trying a good repeater (zigbee 3.0) near the blinds.

My totally unsubstantiated tin-foil hat theory about the HE firmware in the past couple months is that these blinds can no longer do well when connecting direct to the hub.

On my C8, I've recently dropped radio power to 4 and moved my ZB channel to 25 -- that's forcing the blinds to go through a repeater and that's finally given me the best stability I've had with these blinds in a while.

They still give me hiccups once or twice a week, but not at least daily anymore. Fingers crossed the ZB part of HE's firmware continues to refine and improve.

ETA - I just use the built-in "Generic Zigbee Shade" driver. I've tried 3R's custom driver and it worked OK overall, but it has some oddities I didn't care for.

If you haven't tried it yet, try updating each blind's firmware -- I can't remember if HE has an update for them or not. Maybe not, but doesn't hurt to try.

I have one of these blinds and it has been rock solid. In my case however, it's in my shop office. The shade is only a couple of feet away from the hub and it's a C5. So maybe it is a signal issue.

I had the same issue and got me a repeater Like @hydro311 suggested (zigbee outlet) and for the last week no problem.

Thank you everyone.

I'm wondering if it's a range issue or not, because it works fine for a few minutes. Then it just stops working. So, if the signal is strong enough to pair and operate it for a few minutes, I'm not sure what is going on.

The blinds are fine too, as I've also tried pairing them directly to an Echo 4, which has a built-in Zigbee hub. They work fine there. (That hub is pretty close to them too.) But, of course, I'd like the extra control I can get with HE.

The blinds were totally solid for me back on my C7 (before the C8 was released), so I suspect the snag is somewhere in the HE firmware code starting around the C8 release (as opposed to a new hardware issue unique to the C8).

I say that based on some zigbee wierdness that started for me on my C7 with a firmware release that came out a week or so prior to the C8 release, and other posts here in the community that have ID'd similar zigbee issues on non-C8 hubs since that time.

Thanks to everyone for the help, it was what I needed.

Update: I bought a C-8 and four Zigbee smart outlets (which I placed strategically). So far, the issue is resolved.

Thanks again!

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