Third Reality water sensor

I noticed a water sensor by Third Reality today on Amazon. Has anyone tried it out and got it to work on Hubitat ?

See here.

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@terminal3 Novice here, this is the first sensor I am installing and configuring. My plan is to add such sensors as needed. But what is the recommended alert mechanism that can go with this?

Any suggestions on what can be done if wet is detected by one of these sensors

The notification app can send you a push notification, or you can have it notify via a sound device, Alexa google, etc.

If you have a water valve you can have it shut off your water as well. HE just posted a video on their youtube channel concerning water leak detectors and valves.

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Thanks a lot. I am planning to add the water valve shut off.

Are there any recommendations on which one would be good?
I saw the below one: Water Main Shut-Off — Dome Home Automation

I am yet to integrate with my Google Home or Alexa with my Hubitat. I plan to do it, so at that point I can send the alerts to those devices too, yes.

Can't speak to that one, I have the leak smart. My house didn't have a ball valve already installed so I had this one added.

I test it once a month and we have had three live test as well. Twice it was just water getting splashed on sensors. One probably saved me a bit of cleanup. I turned on the water in my bathroom sink and got distracted and then got in the shower. With the water running full on it slowly filled up, as my sink was a little slow to drain. Just as I was about to wash my face, had soap in my hand and about to wash, the water shut off. A second later and I would have been standing there with soap in my eyes and no way to wash it off. I have a sensor under the bathroom sink and it was starting to spill over. This one would not have been catastrophic without the sensor as I would have gotten out of the shower in a few more minutes and seen the water and shut it off. So instead of 20 or 30 minutes drying the floor it only took me a couple of minutes with a few paper towels.

So it's a good investment.


It connects and works, but needs to have the signature entered n so it detects as a leak detector, not as a motion sensor.

ID: 66BA

Manufacturer: Third Reality, Inc

Product Name:

Model Number: 3RWS18BZ

deviceTypeId: 937

manufacturer : Third Reality, Inc

idAsInt : 1

inClusters : 0000,0001,0500

endpointId : 01

profileId : 0104

application : 17

outClusters : 0019,0006

initialized : true

model : 3RWS18BZ

stage : 4

I'm tagging @mike.maxwell in the hopes that this signature can be included in a future update as a recognized device.

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Follow-up. I now have several of these sensors. While they detect as a motion sensor, it is no problem to change them to the generic Zigbee moisture detector. Detection seems to be very fast. I have a plumber coming tomorrow to install the LeakSmart Zigbee valve. I have tested it unmounted and once one of these is triggered, the valve shuts within a few seconds. I think these and the valve will be a great addition to the house and will help with peace of mind when we travel.

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