Third Reality switch setup: commands?

Hi all!
Working through the setup and adding my very first device which is a Third Reality switch, specifically the Gen 3. I think that these boxes are supposed to be filled in but I have no idea where to find what I am supposed to put there:

Those are a way where you can simulate a press or hold from code. Enter a button number and it will act as it that button was pressed, or held, etc.

Since the device has 1 button, you would use a 1. But this would be done for manual use or in rules.

Hmmm. Interesting. So like a testing area? I've established that something isn't setup right, just not sure what.

Those are the commands that the device responds to.

If it’s working, physically pressing a button will fire that command using button 1.

Like a testing area, yes. You can use those fields and buttons to simulate the what the device would do, then your automation tied to those events would run and you'd verify they do what you intend.

As long as that area to the right... where you see "pushed: 1" is updating when you touch the actual real button device, then it's working perfectly.

But imagine you installed that device a room or two away... would be inconvenient to sit at your computer, then jump up, run to that room and push the button (or Hold or Release...) and then run back to verify your automation worked.

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Well, on the plus side whatever setup issue I am having is probably not related to those little red bars then. I assumed it was because every time I try to save something it bumps me back there. Are you familiar with the setup process for these switches?

I think I heard of this company and those devices for the first time a couple days ago, so I don't know anything about them really.

I'm comfortable swapping out the switches and outlets, so they aren't on my list of needed products... despite the urge to have 15 mins of fun with a new gizmo.

Just to confirm, are we talking about this thing?

If so, what driver / device type are you using?

I have a Gen 2, and IIRC, it initially paired as an odd Device Type (driver), though I don't recall what.

I'm 99% sure these 3rd Reality switches (any gen) should use the "Generic Zigbee Switch" Device Type (but someone please correct me if that's wrong!). That device type works like a champ, but the one bummer is that it won't report battery status.

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I just installed a Third Reality Gen 3 Switch and it was detected as “Tuya Zigbee Scene Switch”. After trying a few things in those boxes I did a search in the community and looked at the compatible devices list and saw the recommendations for “Generic Zigbee Switch” and “switched” the “Type *” to that, the view changed, and now the tests function as expected.

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Good stuff! It'd be nice to have battery reporting, but so it goes... Mine's being used out in a detached garage (it sees very wide temp extremes season to season), so I just preemptively swap its batteries annually along with the few other exterior battery-powered devices I have.

These may not be the prettiest switches, but they work very well. For the particular application I need it for, it's the perfect solution - I'm glad to have it.

please send me the fingerprint for this device so we can get it assigned to the correct driver.

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Mine is a Gen2, but I'm pretty sure the latest (Gen3) is just a physical design update using the same guts...

Here's the Device Details - Data info using the Generic Zigbee Switch device type/driver... This driver works great, but it would be awesome to get battery reporting too if possible.

Thanks for looking into it, Mike!

endpointId: 01
application: 0A
softwareBuild: v1.01.10
inClusters: 0000,0004,0003,0006,0005,0001,0B05
outClusters: 0019
model: 3RSS008Z
manufacturer: Third Reality, Inc

thanks for the data

these do not report battery levels.

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Bummer, but nice to have confirmed - thanks again!

Still learning, wasn’t sure what you were asking for (“fingerprint”) until I saw reply from hydro311.
My Gen 3:

I'm not sure what that is. How can I get it for you?

easiest way is to use the driver called Device, then click the getInfo command...
The fingerprint will output to the live logs...
If nothing comes back when clicking that command, then click a button on the switch while clicking the getInfo command.

infofingerprint profileId:"0104", endpointId:"01", inClusters:"0000,0001,0006", outClusters:"0006,0019", model:"3RSS009Z", manufacturer:"Third Reality, Inc"

Is this anything resembling the info you asked for? Sorry but I’m a noob and trying to follow.

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Yup that's it thanks!

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The zigbee2mqtt folks have discovered that the 3RSS009Z devices expose batteryPercentageRemaining, with a max value of 100

This would certainly be handy to have available, if possible.

One of our 3RSS009Z devices batteries ran low enough that they wouldn't respond to commands from Hubitat, but would still function if you manually pressed the button on them.

Swapped the batteries out and we seem to be back in business again.