Third Reality Multi-Function Night Light

Has anybody seen any documentation on the sensitivity and detection cone for the Third Reality Multi-Function Night Light? I have an unusual mounting location and the detection hasn't been as good as I had hoped.

As I'm typing this I have been waving at it. It looks like the cone may be acceptable. It might be the sensitivity. One hand doesn't seem to trigger it. I'll continue to experiment with it but it would be know where to set the expectations.

A wave of the hand does trigger mine.

I’m sure it works great. I’m just trying to find the best angle for mounting it. For example, the motion sensor behaves differently if you mount it upside down.

I would like to find a similar description of how the nightlight works.

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Merry Christmas To All !

I received a third reality nightlight today, got it all setup and it all of the functions seem to be working (motion, luminescence, switch). Two things I noticed that I’m wondering if anyone has experience with is, sometimes when I change the color of the RGB light, the light turns off. The device still reports it as on but I have to either press “on” again or press “set color” again and it will come back on and set the correct color.

The other thing I noticed is that the “flash” function does not work. If I press flash when the led is on, nothing happens. If I press flash when the led is off the led will come on dim but not flash.

has anyone else experienced the same issues?

The firmware of the nightlight is 130D-0000-00000032
The software of the nightlight is v0.00.50

Thank you all and happy new year!

I also have both of these problems. It turning itself off for color change is a huge usability issue. Turning it on when it's already on also has the same issue (turns off while reporting on), so it's hard to work around.