Thinking of ordering REOLINK Video Doorbell

I am looking to replace my doorbell cam and the REOLINK Video Doorbell PoE version look interesting.

I did search on the forum but I couldn't tell so could someone tell me if there a Hubitat driver for it and does it support doorbell presses? I need the doorbell press trigger because I am profound deaf and use light flashes around house to alert me of someone pressing doorbell.

Thank you

Unless reolink has added support for webhooks, as far as I know you’d need to jump through some hoops, described here:

@techbill I just got one of these, have been very happy with the quality. It also ties in to hubitat via Camect. It will also integrate via blue iris. (That's free for 2 cameras) So you could get it and via blue iris trigger your rule(s)

(ignore the beer :rofl:)

@techbill - don't worry, we have a team working w/@rlithgow1 on doorbell tech and he's agreed that mounting the doorbell in his office won't be the most useful location. :wink:

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It’s there to keep an eye on his beer (duh).

I will allow it.


100!!! That's why the team wants it in the mini-fridge, to monitor a lot of beer.

I've been playing with it, I just haven't had time to mount it.... Stupid kids...


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