Thinking about jumping from ST... question on capabilities

Hi all! Been on ST for about 2.5 years, getting tired of the same issues I'm sure everyone else is/was. Thinking about making the jump to Hubitat, but wanted to check on some capabilities to see what I'd be getting into and see what other's experience has been making the jump. I see some familiar names over here :slight_smile:

Android mobile app - is there one? I don't see anything in the Google Play store.

Presence - how is this handled? I am using ST mobile presence right now.

Rule machine - does this support making HTTP requests? Does it have the ability to accept web requests (like from the Maker channel on IFTTT) to trigger actions on the hub? Does it support either some kind of push notification or sending SMS?

Are any of these supported, either officially or through DIY integrations?

  • Honeywell TCC
  • Logitech Harmony
  • TP-Link HS100
  • Google Home/Assistant
  • Chromecast devices
  • Chamberlain MyQ

Thanks all!

Our Hubitat Dashboard allows you to have a web app on Android mobile device through which you can monitor and control any device in your system. An integrated mobile app that incorporates that plus presence and notifications is due out soon.

Mobile presence will be in our mobile app. In the interim we support Life360 for mobile presence.

The next release of Rule Machine will have support for HTTP requests, and it already has support for both local and WAN web requests to trigger actions. When you set one of these up it gives you the URL to use.

For push notifications we are currently using Pushover. These will be supported in our upcoming mobile app as well. Rule Machine, Hubitat Safety Monitor and other apps allow push notifications to be sent for a variety of circumstances.

Harmony has stopped all new third party integrations. There is a community integration of Harmony Connect from ST, which requires your credentials from an ST installation of it, but works fine. There is also a community integration with TP-Link. Our own Google Home integration is pending approval by Google, and should be available soon. Chamberlain does not play nice with third parties.


I am also considering switching from ST, and had exactly the same questions!

Question about Chamberlain MyQ Interface:
Since you don't have an interface (like SmartThings), can you do it via an interface with IFTTT?

Thanks for the quick response!

Sounds like 80% of what I need is either directly supported by Hubitat now or will be in the near future. I do have Harmony, TP-Link, Google Home, and MyQ working in ST, so maybe I'd just leave the ST hub running as secondary for these items. Is the Hubitat-to-ST link pretty solid?

IFTTT does have both a Hubitat and MyQ channel, I did not realize that. I bet something could be worked out there.

Yes, it's solid. Uses your LAN to send events from ST to Hubitat, where those events are caught by created virtual devices with the same name as their ST counterpart. Those virtual devices can be included in automations as if they were the real thing. Later, those can be substituted out as the need for them goes away.

Ok, I'm convinced. How long is the $100 sale price good for on the hubs?

Also, is the ST-Hubitat integration 2-way? Or just from ST to Hubitat?

It is one way communications, from ST to Hubitat.

There is another community developed integration that allows for Hubitat Devices to Show up as Virtual devices in ST. That solution is a two-way communications design.

For Harmony, just used the ported code from ST. It has been working great for me and others for months now. You need to copy your credentials from ST to Hubitat, but that is a one-time thing.

Google Home can be integrated in the short-term using IFTTT.

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There is a ported community app that works with MyQ. Read through the entire thread as there are a few bug fixes posted.

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Just ordered a hub. Let's do this! :sunglasses: