Thinking about a new AV receiver

What are some of you using that integrates well with either Hubitat directly or with Alexa?

I have an Onkyo that works great. Unfortunately the company is in transition right now so it may not be a good buy at the moment.

What model and what transition?

Have a Yamaha AVR, great sound and it is doing it's job for almost 10 years now, also it works with HE using community drivers.

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Looking for something that would be new and model numbers will be appreciated. Thanks guys!


Denon and only Denon. :slight_smile: Well or Marantz because it's the same company.

What's your budget? You can literally spend anywhere from $400 to $30k on a receiver. Which one I'd recommend really depends on how much you're looking to spend.

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I have the Onkyo TX-NR575. It sounds great and I’m running it as 7.1 in the living room. The front speakers go through a 4-way speaker selector and once I got it balanced it can run them all without breaking a sweat. The selector is connected to two pairs in the living room, one in the kitchen, and one outdoors. Most of the time it is driving the three indoor pair.

I have rules like this:

I tell Alexa to switch to radio and it flips a virtual switch. The rule turns on the Onkyo if it is off then sets the input and volume. Works great.

As for the transition the company was sold earlier in the year. The new company owns several AV brands. Last I looked gear was hard to find. There have been reports of no support since the sale. Given the sale and COVID-19 this isn’t surprising. I expect the brand will survive but there is a lot of turmoil at the moment. Recently some of the repair centers have signed contracts with the new company so it is getting sorted out. It depends on how risk adverse you are or if you are willing to wait a couple of months.


Had not heard that. Thanks! That said Klipsch could do good things for them in the long run.

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I’m giving serious consideration to the Denon AVR-X8500H in a few months. I would love to upgrade to 7.2.6. :wink:

Hold off until December for the X8500HA, might be closer to Jan with COVID. It adds a new HDMI board. If you order now you can upgrade but it requires you to send that 51lbs behemoth back to the factory which will cost about $75 I believe. Starting in December the X8500H gets replaced with the X8500HA which just adds the board built in. I have an X7200WA right now and I love it. If you are thinking of it, I know a guy (he's an authorized dealer, not some shady thing) who has always gotten me awesome deals. He's a member of the AVSForum and has routinely saved me $500-$1k on Denon AVRs. I feel crazy but I'm debating the new AVR-A110 :slight_smile:

I've been a Denon guy for a long time. One think that always frustrates me with them is it seems like the newer features in anything they sell seem to be very "alpha" in their implementation and never seem to work as advertised so I was thinking about trying something different for a change. I'd like to stay around $500-600. I'm in a 1200 sq foot condo so I can't totally blow the walls down without pissing off the neighbors so I don't need huge amounts of power. Running an AVR-s920w right now. Which is a good case in point for it supposedly having some kind of telnet control but I've never gotten that to work. Maybe now that they claim Alexa compatibility it will be better? Also the bluetooth on this unit is really poor so again maybe better now I just am trying to avoid being let down again by them.

Interesting, on my 7200 I have the telnet working great using the built in driver in HE and never had any bt issues

Ya that unit would be total overkill for my needs. 5.1 is the most I can do in here speaker wise anything more is never going to be used so money spent that doesn't need to be.

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Tried that driver but could never get it to do anything. Maybe I'll take another stab at it.

What automations does you use hubitat for when it comes to your receiver? I’m possibly in the market as well but I am looking at the 4000 range denons just for 4K and atmos support for movies. I don’t game. Would be connecting to my 65” LG C8 OLED

Just Alexa control would probably do it but what I currently do with the hub itself is via a Zooz power strip is adjust some lights if the Denon is drawing power or not. I'd like to be able via Alexa to turn the unit on or of, change inputs, volume etc so if I'm working in the kitchen (kitchen and living area are one large room) I could skip a track, mute, change volume etc etc.

I don't think they are that smart, but Denon are raved about. I have one and it's awesome

I don’t do a ton of automation with it, but I auto adjust volume based on ambient noise.

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How do you measure ambient noise levels?