Things suddenly not working as they should :(

Have had Hubitat here for a little while and around 2 weeks ago things started not working quite as they should. I had not made any changes to our set up at this time. I have since rebooted my hub and also updated to the latest version but still experiencing the issues.

It seems to be mostly with automated lighting. A majority of my lights are hue lights controlled through the hue hub. I then use hue indoor motion sensors linked directly to hubitat.

When lighting does trigger on a scene, not all lights always turn on. For example I have 4 outdoor lights and only 3 may turn on, the other remains off.

The other issue which seems to be more common is that the lights don't even turn on at all, even though motion is showing and the rules all match. I am wondering if it is more a hue issue, but be good to know if anyone else is experiencing issues.


I also use Hue and have not seen that issue. Are you seeing the issue with scenes exclusively? I wonder if turning on and adjusting metering would help...

Hi. No noticing it on just normal lighting as well as scenes. Sorry bit of a noob, what's the metering?

Metering allows for a short configurable pause between sequential "on" commands.

Do you have the issue turning on and off individual lights?

If you were experiencing issues with zwave devices I would suspect a mesh issue but Hue is usually pretty rock solid. But if memory serves it is possible to create groups on the Hue side and import them with the Hue integration app, so you address the group from HE but Hue does all the work decoding the group and turning on various items. I wonder if that would make a difference?

Iโ€™ve experience the same thing. 1-2 weeks ago lighting automations started having issues. All my devices are Z-Wave. My hub gets automatically rebooted once a week.

I havenโ€™t made any changes to the hub in almost two months. Not a lot to go on, but odd nonetheless.

For giggles, download a current copy of your database to a PC, do a soft reset and restore using the database from your PC. This will ensure no database corruption. (Corruption will really slow things down) Then start looking at your z-wave table for ghosts.

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If you are having issues with Hue lights being activated from Hubitat, remember that the hardware in the Hue hub is pretty low power. There is a Hubitat app note somewhere that recommends not sending too many commands to the Hue hub sequentially as it will drop them.

To work around the Hue hub limitation, assemble groups within your Hue hub (using the app). Then, use these groups in Hubitat to turn lights on and off.

I was having the same issue...did the above, and no longer have issues.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks, I did this still having issues :frowning:
After some digging it seems that a majority of my issues are that my hue indoor motion sensors are no longer updating very well with hubitat. They go active and then just stay active :frowning:

If your Zigbee sensors (Hue motion) stop working altogether, or work intermittently, that is indicative of radio interference. You've mentioned that you have not made any changes, however Zigbee interference comes from outside the hub. I would suggest screening the Wi-Fi networks/reviewing the Zigbee channel to make sure it doesn't overlap with your 2.4ghz Wi-Fi band.