Things quiet down

New user to HE here, Recent convert from ST. Used RM way back in the days when Bruce was still at ST. Re-wrote everything in WebCore when RM wasn't updated any longer. Decided to not use WebCore with HE and stick with the built-in RM.

My issue is trying to recreate the "Things Quiet Down..." rule for my home. I know it should be pretty simple, but I just can't get it to work properly. In my latest iteration/attempt, my house switched into Night mode as soon as the motion stopped after 9:45PM. I'd like for this to rule to switch off numerous lights around my house (that may or may not be on) AFTER 9:45PM if motion has not been sensed for at least 15 minutes - meaning we're already upstairs in bed. Do I just need to add a delay on the mode change as well?
This is what I've got so far. Once I get the logic figured out with this, I should be able to get my other rules firing correctly.

Thanks fir any help/suggestions.

trigger motion changed
cancel delayed actions
if inactive then
if (time...)
off stuf
mode stuf
end if
end if

this way every inactive will cancel the timer

Thanks @mark.cockcroft
I'll make the changes & try it tonight. I knew it had to be pretty simple, but I just couldn't see it.

edit that see above.
other wise a active event wouldn't stop the timer

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...or set it up in a Simple Automation, and call Mode Manager to change Mode, then do the work in a Scene. I have the same requirement as you, and this has worked flawlessly since I set it up. I tried the complicated way and got my knickers in a right twist, so broke it down into simple steps...

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So make it like this?

should do, on some of my longer rules, i some time revers the logic, to exit the rule early so for your it would be
time between 1:15 and 9:45 then
exit rule

just so it dosnt work through stuff when not needed, but urs look ok to me

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also your mode to night needs to delayed by 15 and cancilable.
Reviewing you original the only issues might have been that mode night wasnt delayed and canable