Thin Door Sensors - compatible? Any good?

Does anyone know whether these thin door sensors are any good and whether they are compatible with Hubitat. They looked pretty slick.

I don't have any, but my memory says they work.

One warning however... they have internal (non-replaceable) batteries. If something goes awry and there's a lot of reporting, the battery life could be measured in days :frowning: I'm thinking of a door/window "rattling" just enough that the device is sending Open Closed, once a second.

If it weren't for that, I'd have a couple dozen. :slight_smile:

I've had 2 of these for around 2 years now.
First on ST and now HE.
Working well.
One on my detached garage side door one on my patio doors.

They work fine on Hubitat. They are completely sealed so things like pairing and resetting are done by moving magnets in specific ways. I find it frustrating but it's not something you do often. It did take me a while to move them over from SmartThings because of the need to exclude them.
The battery is supposed to last 10 years. We'll see about that.
They are very thin and that makes for a lot of options to mount them and hide them.
Mounting is done with double sided tape. This has been problematic and I resorted to contact cement for several of the magnets.

Thanks guys. Does the Hubitat act as the Zwave gateway controller or do I need to buy something separate to get these to work?

A couple dozen of them @ $54.95 each would be a pricey endeavor to say the least. WOW.

This 'hobby' is so cheap otherwise, right? :smiley:

Aeon Multisensor6 is $58.99 and I have 12 of those.

Aeon Recessed Door sensors are $39.95 and I have 7 of those.

Hubitat Elevation are $99 each, I have 3 of those.

:slight_smile: I don't believe I'll remind myself further... :smiley:

No intermediate devices necessary - they pair directly to the Hubitat Elevation hub (as well as SmartThings).

They are "only" $48 each if you buy the three-pack.

Oh man!!! I fell your pain... I stopped counting when I got to 150 z-wave devices with each one over $30 a pop... Then again, my other hobby is photography and I could buy sensors all day and still never touch the cost of just one Zeiss quality lens...

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I had two Hasselblad 500C's at one point with 3-4 lenses and 4 backs, plus all the fixin's ... Fortunately the two 'hobbies' have never been simultaneous


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Dude!!! damn, those are the bomb. Unfortunately my hobbies are alive at the same time. I am in the market for a 600mm lens - if you want to do distance wildlife shots you just gotta have one of those.

I'd love one of those. Had a pileated woodpecker way up in a tree next door yesterday - 200 mm just isn't enough.

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