Thermostats and Google Home - Any recent change that may have messed it up?

I have been doing some migrations and integrated Google home into my life. At first it was easy to ask for a new Heat point on the Thermostats, but now it is not possible and Goggle says the the Thermostat is set to Heat/Cool mode that is set to keep the temperature between my heatpoint and my cooling point, for instances between 22-50 degress (celsius, and I don´t use cooling so I have to set it high).

As said, this seemed to work fine a couple of days ago, but since then I have also updated the hub, perhaps this has had some negative effects ?

I have several thermostats and they all return the same heat/cool mode message. Looking at the thermostat in the Google home app, it shows the full 32° circle, bottoming out on the display.

I am using the Virtual Heater Thermostat code that @bravenel supplied me with. Should I use a different thermostat ? Can I supply any thermostat driver with a temperature from an external temp probe ?

Try using the built-in Virtual Thermostat instead of the one I gave you.