any suggestions for a thermostat?

my old zwave one keeps dropping off network. 5 years isnt bad for the old radio thermostat.

any suggestions?

Someone recently asked this question in this other thread. You may find something you like: Best Non-Cloud Thermostat 2019?. Otherwise, go through Hubitat's supported device list, sort by type (and look for thermostats), and choose your favorite. :slight_smile:

thanks for that. i was thinking i wanted something that i wanted the scheduler but i dont think i really need it. i dont use mine now...

That thread linked to has me considering moving away from my Ecobee, but to be honest, I’ve never had an issue ever with it, and with this “Eco+” announcement from past few days is making me consider just keeping it.

I was looking at the Go Control thermo before my wavering

I'm not sure how that factors in here--you could have used your old Z-Wave thermostat with Thermostat Scheduler if you wanted to, and you can use any Hubitat-supported thermostat with Thermostat Scheduler now or in the future if you want to. The type of thermostat doesn't matter (Hubitat abstracts that all away from you), as long as it's supported. Many people use a so-called "dumb smart thermostat" (myself included) where the only "smart" part is that it's connected to Hubitat, which performs all the logic.

I don't use Thermostat Scheduler either, but if I did, I'd rather do it in Hubitat than manually on ther thermostat. I do use an app that turns the thermostat down when I leave (based on mobile app presence). I prefer to manually turn it up when I'm home if I want to and not automate that part. Voice control is also nice so I can turn it up (I keep it low at night) in the mornings before I get up on cold mornings, though if you have Alexa, you'll need to use a workaround for that.

Are you saying you'd just be fine with a "dumb" thermostat? I suppose that's fine too--but I just wanted to mention that Thermostat Scheduler isn't all there is and doesn't depend much on what kind of Hubitat thermostat you have. :slight_smile:

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