Thermostat triggering a switch?

I am trying to activate a switch, and switch on a re-circulating garage fan, when garage thermostat triggers my heater on.

Is there a way to accomplish this?


That can easily be done. If I understand you correctly, you want a recirculating fan to come on when the garage heater is producing heat, correct? You could simply put a temperature sensor above or near the heater and write a rule to turn on your switch when the temperature gets to a certain value. I find high in the room above the heater works best for me for placement of the sensor. Here is my simple rule.


Ignore me if I am off the mark, but is this thread asking the same question?

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I think the difference might be that in this thread both the thermostat and the switch are possibly Hubitat-controlled.

Whereas in the earlier thread only the switch/outlet was, requiring some sort of intermediary device, paired to Hubitat, which could detect heater state so the switch/outlet could be turned on.

I guess we need more details from @aravindhan.ts about their setup.

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I did thought about this, but i need to add another device, a temp sensor to my setup to accommodate this. What i was hoping ( or wishing) was to use the temp sensor from the thermostat to use, rather than installing another one. Also, how do i turn off the thermostat

To further elaborate, its indeed a gas heater controlled by a z-wave CT100 thermostat, and re-circulating fan running is on a KASA plug. Both of them are in my hubitat and i can individually control them.

What i am trying to achieve is a for the fan to turn on, when the thermostat triggers the heater, and run for 30 minutes, after the thermostat switches off the heater.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

As both your thermostat and plug are Hubitat-controlled, this can be done with a very simple rule that makes use of "Thermostat State" as the trigger. Here's an example:


That great!

Where do i set this up? I do not see the event options under basic rules.

Nevermind, got it and set that one up. ( for anyone else, got to use Rule Machine)

Thanks guys, much appreciated.

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