Thermostat Tile - Cutdown Version for Heat Only

In UK and Ireland it is more common to have a heating boiler with radiators, no cooling, no fans.

It would be very nice to have a Thermostat Tile for the Dashboard that is heating only - real simple, No Fan or Cooling features.

Many thanks, Simon


I rebuilt the HE thermostat by creating virtual switches and use them only instead of the thermostat tile.
In my case I use them all (fan, cooling, etc), but you can create your own custom set of tiles and forget the native thermostat tile. And with custom tiles, I built a tiny thermostat dashboard made just for my phone.

Very nice. A workaround, but very nice. Thanks

I would also like this feature plus adding a hold button (like in the app but easily accessible in the dashboard).

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also in Poland we don't use fans, mostly radiators so I join the request :slight_smile:

Add Sweden to that request :slight_smile: