Thermostat through Google Home App

I am new to Hubitat, coming from Iris. Not a programing genius but know a bit.

I have successfully configured the HE and connected a few Z Wave devices, including thermostats. Also have set up through the Thermostat Scheduler a successful and working schedule for each thermostat.

The issue I am having is related to the Radio Thermostat (i believe a CT101 transforming from Iris).

All seems to work just fine through the Google Home app, displays correct settings and temp for all thermostats. Hey Google what is kitchen thermostat set to... a correct answer is received.

The issue i am having is if I command "hey Google set the Kitchen thermostat to 72 degrees" my response is "ok warming up to 72 degrees" however the thermostat does not change. Google confirmed the change and the Google Hub displayed the change, however the thermostat does not change. ask google again the temp of the kitchen thermostat and gives a correct answer, and no it did not go up to 72.

Using the Generic Z Wave Thermostat device
changing the temp from the HE interface also works perfectly.

I would like to say "turn up the thermostat 2 degrees" or a routine "i am home" and have the thermostat respond.


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I have had the saaaaaaamme issues for a long time...
In fairness I don't know how much I followed up with support about it though.

Can confirm same equipment, same issues...

That's it .more google integration is needed cant get google to change mine either