Thermostat Template (with Venstar Thermostat)

Not sure where to go with this, so I'll start here.

I have (2) Venstar Thermostats using the driver by Toggledbits. Everything works great with the exception of the dashboard. Only the setpoint up and down buttons work. The fan mode and furnace mode buttons do not produce the popup to change the setting. After trying to change either the fan mode or furnace mode, the up/down buttons stop working until I refresh the dashboard.

I have also determined that everything works as expected when clound connected via the phone app. When connected to the local network via WiFi, it not longer works as expected.

Any clues as to what may be going on?

I just took a look at the driver and I'm pretty sure its because the modes are not being sent as JSON objects which those fields are defined as. I'm sure @toggledbits can update the code easily enough but in the mean time, I think these changes would help you:

For example, on line: 235 there is

updateChanged( "supportedThermostatFanModes", [ "auto", "on" ], "Supported fan modes have changed" )

I think that line should read:
updateChanged( "supportedThermostatFanModes", groovy.json.JsonOutput.toJson([ "auto", "on" ]), "Supported fan modes have changed" )

and also on 228 it should probably be:

    updateChanged( "supportedThermostatModes",
                  groovy.json.JsonOutput.toJson(coalesce( state.availablemodes ?: 0, { val->[
                      [ "off","heat","cool","auto" ], /* 0 */
                      [ "off","heat","cool" ],        /* 1 */
                      [ "off","heat" ],               /* 2 */
                      [ "off","cool" ]                /* 3 */
                  ][val] } )), "Supported operating modes have changed" )
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Thanks for the tip! I would love to see where this is described in the developer docs, because I sure didn't find it.

Repository updated. Install link: Ventstar ColorTouch Hubitat Driver by toggledbits

Thanks for looking at this issue! I will update the driver and report back.

I get the popup dialog now, but the log fils up with:

Just add this to the list of things you find out the hard way :laughing:

Here's a good discussion on it for anyone who comes across this post in the future...

Update again, your thermostat must not report model; this should handle it.

That took care of it, works now!

What method are you using to determine thermostat model? I could see if/how my T5900 responds. I don't see anything in the API docs.

A query with no path (i.e. http://thermostat_ip/) will return some basic information about the thermostat. Mine (T7900) returns the following:


Notice the model field. I would be interested to know what yours returns (and what model you have).

I have a T5900 and it returns:


Based on the rolling log messages you posted, this is what I thought you'd see.

Glad you're up and running!

Thanks to both you guys. I really do appreciate all the hard work!

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