Thermostat temperature does not change

I have a Honeywell T6 ZWave paired with HE.

I am using this driver: Advanced Honeywell T6 Pro

In the dashboard, it displays the correct value. However, when I increase or decrease the temperature, it is not sent to the thermostat. When I refresh the dashboard, it again displays the old value. No change in the temperature.

When you say that you are increasing or decreasing the temperature, I assume you mean that you are increasing or decreasing the setpoint. The temperature is measured by the thermostat - not set by the user.

Do other changes, such as changes from Cool mode to Off mode get communicated to the thermostat? If not, then the problem is probably with your Zwave mesh not being robust enough to transmit the requested change. Do you have other Zwave devices near the thermostat? If so, are they working properly?