Thermostat temp not Google controllable

I can set the mode of my device but not the temperature via Google home integration. I can set everything through the local web interface but that is not convenient at all nor spouse friendly.

If I create a virtual thermostat I can control temperature and mode via integration. I have no way to sync the virtual and real thermostat devices with each other. I can create a rule that is pass fail for if they are out of sync but not query the virtual device and set real device to match.

I'm fairly stuck and the documentation is missing a lot of information on virtual devices.

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I have never been able to control my thermostat via Google Home. I think it's just a really old bug that's never been squashed.

Meanwhile my unofficial HomeKit integration handles thermostat setpoint changes like a champ. Mode changes as well. I've brought it up multiple times here but maybe a new support ticket could revitalize the issue...

I have been able to with the Radio Thermostat CT101 driver.

Able to control your temp and change it with google assistant and hubitat