Thermostat Temp Change in Heat Mode

@mike.maxwell I'm not sure if something changed in recent updates in relation to Google Home and Thermostat control.

This morning, my wife was complaining that she could no longer control the thermostat from her phone (via the Google Home app). So I took a look at it, in the app, and it showed the stat was in heat mode and temp set at 68. I changed the temp on the app, looked at the thermostat and nothing changed. So I opened up the logs, and changed the temp again via Google Home and it's changing the Cool temp, even though I'm in heat mode. If I switch the thermostat to cooling mode, it changes the temp correctly, so it appears it's only an issue in heat mode.

It was doing this on the last HE release, so I updated this morning to the recent release an it's doing the same thing.

Below is a copy of the logs when I change the temp via Google Home. Thanks!

Nothing's changed in Google home.
As usual with these types of issues verify the device works from driver details first, then move to apps ect...

Thanks Mike for the prompt response. Direct from the driver it works correctly. If I enter a temp and hit set heat point it changes the temp correctly.

But using Google Home produces the log above in heat mode.

Ok so yeah, this was weird. Even though Google Home said it was in heating mode, AND it said it was in heating mode on the Device page, it was some how thinking it was in cool mode. I manually set it to heat on the device page and it's working fine now. I go back and forth between cool and heat and it's working. Dunno what happened there.

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