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When using the Thermostat Scheduler app can you somehow set your schedule to different temp sensors? For example right now I have an ecobee3 (I want to replace with Honeywell T6) and I have the at home daytime temp set to the mainfloor thermostat. But at night the temp is set to target the master bedroom temperature sensor.

I looked through several forum posts and played around in the Thermostat Scheduler app itself and couldn't find the ability to target the schedule to different temp sensors based on this possible in the Thermostat Scheduler or in Hubitat some other way?

Thanks for any help.

I would think that would be best be attempted using the Rule Machine. I am using that for my thermostat rather than the Thermostat Scheduler as it was easier to do what I needed to do. However, are you talking about using a temperature sensor in your bedroom to run a thermostat located on the main floor? If so, I don't see how that can be done unless the thermostat has a remote temperature sensor capability. Besides, it looks like the Honeywell T6 is WiFi, not Zigbee or Z-Wave so I don't think it would play well. You would be well off checking for compatibility before pulling the trigger on the Honeywell T6 purchase.

Thanks for the response. Honeywell has several variations of their multiple thermostats but I am referring to the T6 that is a z-wave thermostat which several other hubitat users have reviewed and confirmed compatibility...I just haven't been able to get this one question answered.

And it is can I program a time to a specific sensor:

  • Daytime should target the hallway thermostat temp (or any other sensor on the main floor)
  • Night time should target the master bedroom sensor temp

For example during the day when we're mostly on the mainfloor, I'd like to target the mainfloor sensor (actual thermostat in this case) to 72 degrees.

But at night, I know the upstairs temps are much different than the downstairs temps so I want the AC to run based on a target temp of 69 degrees inside the master bedroom based on the master bedroom wife would prefer 75 but that's another story.

Rule machine seems to be the best way to go for this. The problem is even if you change the setpoint based on the sensor in your bedroom, it does not change the location of the thermostat which will still be reading the temperature in your downstairs area. I don't know any way to override the thermostat's temperature sensing for actual operation and use the bedroom's temperature sensor instead. It would be quite the rule to be able to accomplish this. It will be interesting to see what you come up with.

It is possible to do this on SmartThings. I use the app all the time. Would be amazing to see something like that over here.

I received my Hubitat hub today and I am looking to do exactly this.

So far from what I've learned is there is no EASY way to set day modes to specific sensors in Hubitat but if all you want to do is use your thermostats temp that is easily programmed.

It sounds like there are HIGHLY complex ways to target a day mode to sensor but then I've gotten mixed feedback if that will cause you to lose any manual inputs made at the thermostat itself.

While so far I love Hubitat, I am probably going to go with a separate wifi thermostat for the time being. I was using ecobee which did this but they just ruined that platform with the "eco+" software that basically takes control of your thermostat from you and puts it in the hands of ecobee's or your energy company's beliefs of how you should heat or cool your home...UUGGGHHHH!!!!!!!

I like this idea also. I will eventually want thermostats controlled by actual temps in rooms that are occupied or likely to be occupied. It would be great if Thermostat scheduler could handle this, but I do think Rule Machine could do it.

You would need Rule Machine to look at the temp upstairs, decide if it's out of your desired range, then get the temp from your T6 Z-wave and calculate a new thermostat setpoint that is a few degrees below/above (depending on heat/cool) its current temp. Once the temp reaches your desired value upstairs, you'd again set the thermostat to a few degrees above/below its current temp.

I'd guess you would trigger on time/mode or temp change, then test to see if it's out of range, then do the rest of the logic.

If you get this to work, please share the rules you settled on!

I was hoping what you described is a solution but have been told for one that may break any manual inputs made at the thermostat (ie wife wants turn temp up a few degrees) and also that those rules are way more complex than initially thought but I'm hoping to be proven wrong and shown the way:)

That could be a problem. However, if you do all temp setting from a virtual thermostat tile on a dashboard, maybe you should be able to compare that value to the sensor of your choice. I haven't actually touched my T6's since I paired them, since we use dashboards to control things.

Maybe you could have another rule that looks for manual changes to the thermostat setpoint, which would change the value of a global variable you use for that. So if it's too cool upstairs and wife sends temp up a couple degrees, your setpoint upstairs goes up a couple, too.

Really the whole things would get a bit complex in Rule Machine, but it might be achievable. Having an option in Thermostat Scheduler to do what you want would be a lot easier, unless you had to write the whole thing in Groovy yourself...

agreed with it working from a thermostat tile or probably even z-wave wall switch but the wife WOULD NOT go for that;)

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