Thermostat Scheduler (time periods) vs eco mode

I have many thermostats (14) managed with as many thermostats schedulers. All of which are using time periods and have Eco Mode Offset set to 3 degrees.

When activating Eco Mode via RM every thermostats setpoint are modified accordingly to scheduled setting and the offset value.

While the Eco Mode is active some Thermostats Scheduler hit some time periods limits and those Thermostats Setpoint are modified accordingly (scheduled setting – offset value).

Up to now no problem.

The problem arise when the Eco Mode is turned off. The thermostats setpoints of the thermostats having hit a time period limit will not be set back to the scheduled value. The setpoint doesn’t change. All other thermostats setpoints will be back to the scheduled value.

To resolve this situation, via RM, following the thermostat scheduler off action I added “activate schedule setpoints” action for those thermostats scheduler.


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