Thermostat Scheduler: Run different day schedule if a switch is on

I love the new Thermostat Scheduler v2. The time grid is so easy to use!

one feature I'd love to add is the ability to force a specific day if a switch is on (or off). So, if my "day off" switch turns on, force the "Saturday" schedule. That way, if I'm off during the week, I have a warm house!

does anyone have any ideas how I could do this?

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Tagging @bravenel, lord of the thermostat (controller, scheduler, etc'er).


The shortest possible answer may be "Use Modes Instead", since you could define (in Modes Manager ... sorry, Manage Modes) a "Day Off" mode which, while active, would make TS – and possibly other apps – behave accordingly.

Just my $0.02 while you await expert assistance. :slight_smile:

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I had modes before but i need loads - and it means all rooms basically need the same schedule, whereas with the time based plan I can put different rooms on different schedules as they’re used during the day.

I think a switch where it says “run this day if this switch is on” would be a great help.

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You can control Thermostat Scheduler from Rule Machine.

How would I use that? I don’t want to adjust the set points using the rule engine - I just want to tell it to run the schedule of a particular day. But I can’t see that option?

No, that isn't an option. I'll have to think if that is even possible.

You might consider "capturing" the current day's setpoints (in a rule or Hub variable), changing the settings to whatever you want for your Day Off period, then re-set the HEAT / COOL setpoints from what you saved, once it concludes. All in RM.

The question becomes: Is that (i.e. reading those values from TS) possible?

Of course, there's always SET HOLD = ON, and let your RM just periodically set the manual temps you want throughout the day (acting like a TS "Day Off" schedule). Then release the HOLD thereafter.

I think this is probably doable. Will look into it...


Next release:

Probably should do the same thing for modes.


That’s amazing! Thank you so much!


Hi @bravenel - i've now got this installed, and have been testing it for a couple of days. Two questions:

  • where can i see if it's running an alternative day's schedule? The grid in the Thermostat Scheduler still shows the current computed schedule selection, and it's not listed in the summary table at the top - in the screenshot below, it's running the Saturday schedule but i only know this by looking at the time for the current row in the "sat-sun" column:

  • how can i tell it to stop using an alternative day? i have the following ruleset which switches on sat if one of two switches is 'on' - but how do i then cancel this?

It doesn't run an alternative day. The new feature in RM just pushes the Set Scheduled Temperatures button for another day at that particular time. It does not change the entire schedule to that day. When the next period comes around, it will use the settings for today. The RM thing is a one shot.

Gotcha! So to make sure it runs the specified day's schedule for as long as the switch is active, i'd need to run it on a periodic schedule trigger e.g.?

if so - that works for me! thanks!

Yes, you'd need to do that for each period.

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