Thermostat Scheduler [RELEASED]

[razorwing] If you close the scheduler and then reopen it again does it rearrange them based on time?


It is supposed to be sorted by time. Will look into it...

I just removed Return as a period, and created a new one called Return2. Then I set a start time before the latest start time that already existed, and it resorted the list immediately, placing Return2 where it belongs in time order.

However, I'm doing this on an updated version of Thermostat Scheduler, due to be released in our upcoming 2.1.7 release (now in beta).

Perhaps give this a try once 2.1.7 has been released.

I just realized what is probably going on: When Thermostat Schedule finds four periods with the names "Wake", "Leave", "Return", and "Night", it doesn't do the time sort (bug or feature, take your pick). Had you named the added back in period something else, it would have sorted it correctly.

I'll look into whether that 'feature' should even exist.

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I've a problem with "away"...
I've got 11 trv radiators = 11 schedules
In 9 of them I've set "away" temperature but when I changed mode to away it shows in logs that it changed Heating setpoint only in one device - but it actually changed for eg. in 6 (having some problems with z-wave range...))
in logs:

dev:682019-12-01 19:58:25.935 debugsetHeatingSetpoint(18.0) was called

in events:

mode Hubcio is now in Away mode Away LOCATION_MODE_CHANGE 2019-12-01 19:58:25.393 CET

when I'm checking in device (trv) Current States it shows that nothing has been changed in those other 5 trvs also in thermostat tiles and Thermostat Schedule , when I'm looking on trv's display it shows correct away temp (18C) so it sent it but why it doesn't show that in logs/thermostat scheduler/tiles/current status?

other thing that in one trv it changed temp to 21C (in scheduler/tile/device status) but on trv's LCD is 20C... why 21C :thinking:

What logs? Please show them. You should take a look at the device events. Are all of your devices actually logging? What events show for the one that is 21°?

I will test it again and describe step by step but in a few days... sorry but with 18 month old daughter it is not easy to do something else beside playing, drawing and drinking imaginary tea :slight_smile:


Love the thermostat scheduler, but right now I have to run 5 of them since I do not want the same setpoints for all of my thermostats in the same mode. Any chance that could be added?

I don't understand. If you're saying your 5 thermostats have different settings, then yes, you'd have to have multiple instances of Thermostat Scheduler. If all 5 have the same settings, then a single instance can set all 5.

You got it right, I have 5 with all different settings. I was making sure I didn't miss a cleaner way of implementing.

@bravenel yesterday I had this error in Thermostat schedule after upgrade to 2.1.7:
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Command 'first' is not supported by device. on line 654 (timeHandler)

Is it the error fixed with .121 HotFix?

Yes. Let me know if it happens again.

I confirm it looks fixed now.

ok so... I have a problem with sending "away" to all 11 trvs on one time (it is problem which I describe in other topic, it must be a delay because HE or TRV hangs - don't know yet where exactly is a problem but time delay helps)

so I need to set "away" mode and back to "day" mode to every trv but with some time delay between (30s?) and I don't know how to do it.

Right now I can make a rule that holds every Thermostat Scheduler (TS) and then change one by one temperature on every trv for 17C and then when mode change to "day" holds off every TS with some delay between -> will it send again scheduler temperature to trv or stay at 17C till next change in TS?
But I would rather prefer to use some how "away" built in TS... but don't know how to add a time delay

Add a time delay to what?

Between sending away "command" to each trv and also in opposite way (from away to day)

What app are you using to send these commands?

I've set away temperture in my all thermostat schedulers but HE can't handle with it and when I'm changing mode to away it don't change temp to away in all trv (HE gets stuck). So I've tested it with simple rule and when I add a delay between changing temp in all 11 trv it is working. So right now I'm wondering how to use built-in away setpoint and delay

I'm not following about "HE can't handle with it", or "HE gets stuck".

If you open the App Status page for Thermostat Scheduler (for example for one that you think didn't send the command), click on the Events button at the top of the page, and examine those events. This will show what Thermostat Scheduler did.

You will have to provide more information than you have, such as screenshots of Thermostat Scheduler.

Are all of your TRVs being set with the same settings? Or are they set differently. If they are the same, or a subset is the same, these can be put into a single instance of Thermostat Scheduler -- as release 2.1.7 allows multiple thermostats in Thermostat Scheduler.

Thermostat scheduler is no longer respecting the minimum setpoint difference feature that was implemented a while back.

Because of this, when it sets the heat setpoint first, then the cooling setpiont second, the thermostat automatically drops the heating setpoint by it's minimum difference setting, resulting in the thermostat being at the wrong setpoint. The only solution is to raise the cooling setpoints in order for the thermostat to be at the correct temperature again. Can we please get this feature back?

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