Thermostat Scheduler - Question

So I'm debating on moving over from Ecobee to one of the GoControl units.

My question is, how do I put it in a away schedule using rule machine, and then resume it in rule machine.

I currently have rules built out to do this ecobee, but I'm not sure how to inititate it with the thermostat scheduler.

I actually have an Ecobee 3 Lite for one HVAC unit and a GoControl for the other. I have the exact same rule to set temperature when Away and another rule when Home.

I use my phones as HE Presence with a small radius to determine Home & Away for HSM but I use our phones' presence on SmartThings hub on a 5mi radius geofence so that the HVAC units have time to heat or cool home before we arrive.

Oh you set the actual heat/cool points.

I was hoping to tell it to use away schedule and day or sleep schedules.

Have you looked at the Thermostat Scheduler?
There are lots of options for heating set points for modes, time schedules, whatever you care to pick.
There is also a section where you can define the temp when the mode is away.

Personally, I don't need it do anything with a time schedule. My simple little rule does everything that I need. I have never looked at the Thermostat Scheduler. I do have another rule when we go on vacation. My Ecobee and GoContol behave the same with this rule and I am willing to bet you will find the same for the Thermostat Scheduler. I have both units in Hold Mode at the device and rarely use the on-wall device of either the Ecobee or GoControl to make changes.

Ah ok.
My fault. Because you mentioned Thermostat Scheduler a couple of times I assumed you were talking about the TS app.

Sorry not you it was @mik3

But there is no way to call up what schedule to run in rule machine is there ?

Is there a way to put it in away mode from rule machine ?

I your hub goes into 'AWAY' mode, through whatever means it does not matter, then Thermostat Scheduler will reflect what ever settings you have for AWAY mode.

I don't use away mode.

Under Ecobee I just tell it to go into away and resume schedule when I return.