THermostat Scheduler Not Working Anymore

I just went into my Thermostat Scheduler app this morning and I am getting an Unexpected Error. I checked the logs and see the following:

groovy.json.JsonException: Lexing failed on line: 1, column: 2, while reading 'o', no possible valid JSON value or punctuation could be recognized. on line 96 (method mainPage)

Any idea how to fix this?

Hub: C-4
Platform Ver:

What thermostat driver are you using?

Nest Thermostat

Using NST Manager v2.0.6. Can control the thermostat from one of my dashboards, so HE is communicating to Nest.

Please show the Current States from the right side of the thermostat device page.

Your driver is out of date. It needs to be updated by its author. But in the meantime you can get it working per the instructions in this post:

Perfect, that worked. Thank you!

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