Thermostat Scheduler not switching heat/cool

I've been using Thermostat Scheduler app for quite a while but since it's pretty warm where I live so it rarely has to switch from cooling to heating. Today I discovered that the Thermostat Scheduler won't automatically switch modes. It's been working fine for adjusting the cooling based on time periods and following rules enabling/disabling eco mode.
I have both heating and cooling setpoints. The screenshot example shown shows the current temp of 71.6 when the heat setpoint is 72, but the mode is still on Cool (there was a lot wider difference earlier). If I manually switch the thermostat mode to Heat, it works fine.

My thermostat is a Honeywell T6 Pro Z-Wave Thermostat and I'm on a C7 Hub running

Is ISU 300 turned on? It's also recommended by Hubitat to use the Generic z-wave plus thermostat driver for the T6 (and most others)

Thanks! ISU 300 was not turned on (I didn't know about it until I just searched this forum and found your other helpful posts). I turned it on, changed my driver to device, then to Generic Z-Wave Plus thermostat and it now sees the Auto mode. Only problem is my dashboard panel is messed up now.

Delete and Re create the tile. Oh and don't forget to hit configure on the device page. Oh and I use a row height of 160

Just gave that a try but no difference. I guess what I'm seeing is that before there was only one set of up/down temp change buttons, but now there's two - for heating and cooling modes.

I just need to make more room in my tile (your row height suggestion). I usually leave my sizes to automatically fit the screen so they work ok on my phone or computers.

It would be nice to still have just the one set of up.down arrows and have it change what it's adjusting depending on the current mode.

Thanks for your help.

When you use auto it presents with 2 sets. One for heating set point and one for cooling set point. That's how auto works.

Makes sense.

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