Thermostat Scheduler (new feature request)

Since scheduler adds a new function to the thermostats, would it be possible to have a HOLD button added to the dashboard element when scheduler is used for a certain thermostat. This would allow to just click the hold button in the dashboard when leaving on vacation instead of having to go through each thermostat in scheduler to put them on hold. Could even have it as an optional feature via a switch in scheduler?

Most if not all programmable (non connected) thermostats have this button available and would be a great feature IMHO.



I may have missed the point but in scheduler if the mode gets set to Away you can set your thermostats to a set level when you are away.
Wouldn't that achieve what you are after.
You can also use RM to put thermostats on hold. Just set up a virtual switch on your dashboard that when turned on puts your thermostats on hold.

I don't use modes at the moment, and yes that might be something that could work, but having the hold button gives us a lot more flexibility and being able to do it per thermostat. Let's say I have part of the house that I don't use (guest bedroom, shop, garage, etc.) most of the year but would like to have it on a schedule when in use, the hold button is a lot more flexible.

The away mode would only be useful when actually leaving (like my first example, I know :wink:) the house and setting an economy set point.

I have programmed a secondary buttons on the dashboard that runs a rule and puts individual and/or all thermostats on hold and sets them to 10C when activated. But I would rather have it in the same button to declutter the dash.

Ah ok.:+1:
Thought I'd post in case you were unaware.

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I second that idea of a hold button on the dashboard tile. Excellent idea ! In the mean time I'll use the virtual switch idea!

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I just made a virtual switch and used RM to put my thermostat on hold. I've realized that indeed the virtual switch does function to put the thermostat on hold and shows that in the thermostat scheduler app. There is an issue, however, using a virtual switch in that capacity. If the virtual switch is turned on and this puts the thermostat on hold, if you then go to the thermostat scheduler app itself, and MANUALLY turn off the hold, resuming the thermostat schedule, the virtual switch remains "ON" leading to a possible conflict. This, all the more, points to a need for a programing change utilizing the thermostat tile in the dashboard to keep everything synchronized to perform the hold function.

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Never tested that, could add an event trigger on thermostat mode change that check s to make sure the thermostat mode and the virtual switch are in the same state, if not change the state of the switch? This could work but then again might not.

Or better yet, implement the changed asked in the first post :crazy_face:

Lets hope @bravenel hears our request for a HOLD button on the desktop thermostat tile and its an easy programmable item that can be done down the road. It would be of great benefit for many avoiding the virtual switch issue.

At the moment, the only app that interfaces with Thermostat Scheduler is Rule Machine. So for now, to get a hold capability on a Dashboard you have to use one of the described above methods.

Thanks Bruce! Appreciate your quick response. As I previously mentioned, I did use rule machine with a virtual switch. Works great however I have to remember NOT to turn off the thermostat hold in the thermostat app because, naturally, it wont turn the virtual switch off. If you feel there is a better way ,other then the plain virtual switch idea, I'm sure there are others interested in your expertise in a thermostat hold function. Thanks again!