Thermostat Scheduler mode change not updating setpoint until next schedule time point

Hello all...I am experiencing an issue when switching modes from Heat->Cool or Cool->Heat. If the target mode had a previous setpoint that is inconsistent with the current time schedules, the setpoint is left until the next time schedule point.

For instance, I switched the mode from Heat to Cool last night. The Cool setpoint in Thermostat Scheduler still had a value of 83, from a previous Hold and SetPoint in the past. That Hold had long ago been turned off. The current schedule should have had the setpoint at 73. Thermostat Scheduler appeared to not want to update the setpoint until the next scheduled time point. I worked around it by going into Thermostat Schedule and pressing the "Set Scheduled Temperatures" button, then the "Update" button.

I suspect this is happening because I run a rule that turns hold on and sets points for both heat and cool, when we are calculated to be away on vacation. When the hold is turned off, Thermostat Scheduler only appears to update the setpoint for the mode it is currently in, but not both, based on the timed schedule.

Any suggestions on fixes or workarounds?

Here is what my Thermostat Scheduler looks like:

Here is that rule I mentioned that affects holds: