Thermostat Scheduler - Eco Mode

Hey Folks,

I seem to have, what I think is unexpected behavior of the Eco Mode in the Thermostat Scheduler.
I am running a C8 on So I have a simple schedule set up like this...

My Eco Mode is activated by a RM Rule from Presence which triggers a Virtual Switch, this part works great. I am not using "Modes", like Away / Stay.
It works per normal when I leave the house, the Eco Mode is activated and the temperature is setback 2 degrees to 19. 4 pm the temperature goes to 21, as expected, as it is still in Eco Mode, 2 degrees less then the scheduled set point. Then I arrive home around 5 pm and the Eco Mode is turned off. I expected the schedule set point of 23 to be set as it is 5 pm and that's the temperature I have scheduled, however it's actually set to 21 (again) by the Thermostat Scheduler.

Here is a test I just ran. Thermostat manually set to 21. When I leave the house Eco Mode is turned on and it's set back to 19, perfect. When I arrive back Eco Mode is turned off and it sets it for 21, even though the Scheduler is set for 23.

I mean the offset works as it should both plus and minus, I just expected if Eco Mode was turned off it would set the scheduled temperature, not just add back what it took away. But maybe that is exactly how it was intended? But in the case of a scheduled setpoint change while it's on, it doesn't really work. Eco Mode off for that specific period should return the setting that's scheduled. @bravenel

It's not clear that this is how it should work. If you are controlling this with rules, you can just tell it to set to the scheduled temperature with this action:

In and of itself, ecoMode has nothing to do with schedules.

Ok thanks Bruce, I wasn't sure how exactly how it should work. I'll just use what you said above and edit the rules to get that going, appreciate it!